Amla | Gooseberry (250 gm)

Amla | Gooseberry (250 gm)


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Aamla is also known as gooseberry. It is a fruit that has long been in use in our country India. The beads and especially Ayurveda recommends having aamla on a daily basis. Aamlas are small lemon size berries having a thin outer green colour skin. There are cream and white stripes on the peel. On the inside, you will find green fresh juicy pulp.

Aamla finds its use in some hair shampoos and conditioners as well. The aamla and shikakai mixture is a common preparation in Indian household. This formulation find its application for strengthening the hair. The aamlas have a very sour flavour.

Nutritional Fact:

If one wants to acquire Vitamin C then aamlas are the best source. Vitamin C keeps scurvy, a skin disorder away from the body. It has high antioxidant doses. Eating aamla boosts one’s immune system exceptionally. So to keep other diseases at bay aamla is a sure necessity.

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