Baby Corn Peeled (1 Packet)

Baby Corn Peeled (1 Packet)


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Order Baby Corn online in Delhi. Public Canteen works with immense dedication to continuously bring fresh, healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables to your doors. Our products are of the best quality and we assure that their harvesting is done every day.  We bring to you the exotic baby corn which is the best available in the market and that too at your place. We are working continuously towards speedy delivery and easy on pocket products. Our aim is a hundred per cent customer satisfaction. 

Baby corn is an assorted ingredient for many dishes of different cuisines. It is a primary requirement of Chefs for preparing pastas, pizzas, salads and soups as well. Also, the baby corn is an important ingredient for stir-fry vegetables at Porshe restaurants. Children love baby corn. One can have taste and health both by consuming Baby corns. Besides, certain baby corn pickles are also common. 

The baby corns are a bright yellow kernel decoration on maize like base. Sometimes these are faint yellow or cream in colour also. They have a beautiful appearance and attract peeps of almost all age groups.

Nutritional Facts:

Baby corns have rich folate content. They are among low carbohydrate foods. These are extremely suitable for persons looking to reduce weight and tone the body into a good shape. Also, baby corns contain a large amount of fibre. The fibres not only help in regulating digestive mechanisms but also help in gaining muscle strength. 

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