Italian Basil Leaves (100 gm)

Italian Basil Leaves (100 gm)


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The basil leaves are oblong leaves. They have a light green colour. The texture of the leaves is soft and has a matte finish. Basil leaves range from small to medium size in the range. This herb leaf has several essential oils. These essential oils find uses in soaps and decorative scents as well. The basil is an ingredient of the Italian food in its dry form. Bakers also prefer to use basil in chocolates and creams.

Nutritional Facts:

The basil leaves have many medicinal properties. These have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory action. Also, basil leaves are useful for patients suffering from diabetes. Besides, consuming basil leaves reduce the risk of acquiring cardiovascular diseases. The presence of rich antioxidants in the basil leaves helps combat cancer-causing agents. Additionally, the basil leaves contain mineral elements including zinc, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Overall basil is a storehouse of good health.

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