Bok Choy (200 gm)

Bok Choy (200 gm)

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Bok choy is also known as Pak Choy. It is a vegetable that has an appearance similar to palak and spring onions and is sometimes known as Chinese cabbage. The base has a close similarity with the spring onions with slight bigger size than spring onions. The leaves have almost the same appearance as palak leaves. 

Nutrition Facts:

The vegetable has extreme hydration capacities due to the presence of rich water content. Chinese cabbage has a lot of vitamins. It contains high amount of Vitamin A content. It has beta-carotene. The Vitamin A and beta-carotenes help in fighting the night blindness. Bok choy has large Vitamin K content. Vitamin K is necessary for blood clotting. Rich potassium and sodium content in the vegetable help in maintaining the sodium-potassium pump. This helps in faster nerve conduction. 

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