Hara Baingan | Brinjal Green Long Eggplant (500 gm)

Hara Baingan | Brinjal Green Long Eggplant (500 gm)


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Brinjals are normally purple or violet in colour. But this variety is different. It is green in colour. Green brinjals or the hard baingan has a long curvy cylinder shape. There is a stem portion above it. The green baingan sabzi is a finger-licking delicacy. It is a hybrid variety of normal brinjals. The brinjals are also known by name of bataun. 

Nutritional Facts:

The speciality of green baingan is its low cholesterol content. This is extremely suitable for persons either suffering from cardiovascular diseases as well as for persons who want to keep these diseases away. Brinjals have high fibre content. The fibre provides strength to the bones and muscles. Additionally, the fibre helps in building good digestive strengths. The presence of copper and Vitamin K in brinjals helps anaemic patients. 

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