Poi Saag (500 gm)

Poi Saag (500 gm)



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Saag is a hot favourite delicacy of North India, especially in the winter season. Poi saag is basically a malabar name. It has two common forms. The difference lies in the stem colour. One variety has green stem stalk. Whereas the second variety comprises of purple or red-green stalks. The Saag includes poi leaves, palak leaves, methi leaves and sarson leaves. Also, poi leaves and channa dal is a famous dish. In some regions, poi leaves pakoras are a common snack. The leaves of Poi saag are oblong. They have a dark deep green colour. Also, Poi leaves are put into soups and curries.

Nutritional Facts:

This green vegetable helps in controlling cholesterol levels in the body. High cholesterol levels are indeed very harmful for the body. They can lead to numerous heart ailments. Therefore it is necessary to maintain low cholesterol levels. Poi leaves contain Vitamin A, B, and C.

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