Sabut Matar | Peas (500gm)

Sabut Matar | Peas (500gm)


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The peas are a common green vegetable. They have green fresh outer peels. There are 6-8 peas inside the pods. Upon peeling the peas find many uses which include sabzi preparations. They are an ingredient for vegetable noodles, vegetable pasta and vegetable macaroni as well. The peas have high versatility. Also, peas are often used in the preparation of certain curry dishes such as matar paneer and alu matar.

Nutritional Facts:

Green peas have antioxidants. Antioxidants play various roles. Firstly, they enhance immunity. Secondly, they are scavengers for free radicals. Thirdly they help in fighting many diseases.  Besides they also possess anti-inflammatory properties. The peas have high fiber values. The presence of high fibre keeps stomach disorders away. It also helps in maintaining good digestive practices. High Vitamin A and Vitamin K content in peas is good for health. Vitamin K helps in synthesis of various blood clotting proteins. Whereas Vitamin A helps in reducing cholesterol. Also, Vitamin A prevents night blindness.

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