Chappan Tinda (500 gm)

Chappan Tinda (500 gm)




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Tindas have a round shape. They have a size range similar to oranges.  Tinda is a small vegetable that looks bigger than a green apple but smaller than a pumpkin. The Tinda has other names such as, Indian Baby Pumpkin, which is a vegetable. Also, the tindas are known as Indian squash, round melon or apple gourd. Especially popular in South Asia. Short and squat like a pumpkin, tindas have a dark green stem and white flesh that is tender and tastes like a cucumber. Tinda is also known as Indian Squash, Round Melon, or Apple Gourd.

Nutritional Facts:

Tinda is full of Vitamins. It contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Also there are a number of other Vitamin B present. High Vitamin C levels help the body fight skin diseases.

This water-rich vegetable also contains antioxidants like carotenoids and anti-inflammatory agents, which effectively control blood pressure, heart diseases, and cardiac strokes.

Tinda helps soothe stomach acidity and prevents cancer. It also provides relief from constipation. It keeps the body cool. The tinda increases urination and detoxifies the body.

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