Ajmod | Celery (250 gm)

Ajmod | Celery (250 gm)


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Buy Celery online in Delhi. With the increasing hectic lifestyles and busy routines, many of us still battle to find time for our near and dear ones spend quality time with friends. To minimize the time wastage,  shop for fresh fruits and vegetables online in Delhi from Public Canteen. Public Canteen is your one-stop destination to buy Celery – Ajmod in Delhi.  Buy best quality celery and reap its potential health benefits now!

Celery is a  green vegetable. It has a structure similar to coriander leaves but with a different morphology. There is a long stem with leaves.  The Like coriander leaves, the celery leaves have their own distinct aroma and flavour. The stems of celery can be in eaten raw or in cooked form. Addition of celery to stocks, sauces and soups enhances their flavour greatly. 

Nutritional Facts:

The celery is a good source of fiber and vitamins. Also it has refreshing high water content. Due to presence of water content celery has good hydrating properties. It also provides molybdenum to the body. Additionally Copper, Iron, Magnesium,  Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium and  Zinc are also present. Celery imparts a lot of vitamins to the body. It helps in  weight regulation. Also, due to presence of antioxidants, celery has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

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