Choliya (250 gm)

Choliya (250 gm)



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Buy Green choliya online in Delhi. Public Canteen is an online shop in Delhi. It aims to provide the best quality vegetables and fruits in the Delhi region. In today’s time,  fresh fruits and vegetables are found online and the digitisation has made easy ordering a reality. Online ordering eliminates wastage of time. Order fresh vegetables online and cut-short your cooking time.

Green choliya is also well-known as green grams or hare chaney. They are extensively grown in  Middles East & India. Green choliya are a very good source of proteins.  It forms a major component of salads, stews & curried vegetables and traditional recipes. It is readily available at our store.

Nutritional Facts:

The Green choliya impart proteins and help in muscle growth. Green chana are a good source of vitamins A and C. Both vitamins A and C possess antioxidant properties and delay ageing effects. The choliya aid in proving strength to the immune system. They are rich in vitamin B9 or folate as well. It also provides essential mineral elements such as phosphorous, iron and magnesium. It has enormous fibre value.  Green choliya helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. It is very useful especially if consumed during the winter season.

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