Cucumber Seedless Kheera (500 gm)

Cucumber Seedless Kheera (500 gm)


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A cucumber that is evenly cylindrical, between 10 and 15 inches long and 1 to 2 inches in diameter. There are close to 100 cucumber varieties, but we are most familiar with slicing, pickling, and English cucumbers.  Cucumbers are widely part of salads and sandwiches. Seedless and thin-skinned cucumbers are the best salad-quality cucumbers. Crisp, bitter-free, tender-skinned fruits require no peeling.

There are many bred which underdevelop seeds that are hardly noticeable.  They are much like seedless watermelons. These cucumbers need no seeding or even peeling because their skins are so tender. They are also known as hothouse cucumber, burpless cucumber, seedless cucumber, and European cucumber.

Nutritional Facts:

In a 100-gram (3 12-ounce) serving, raw cucumber (with peel) is 95% water, provides 16 kilocalories of food energy, and supplies low content of essential nutrients, as it is notable only for vitamin K at 16% of the Daily Value.

In addition to their vitamin and mineral content, cucumbers contain unique substances that are being studied for their therapeutic effects.

Cucumbers are not a good source of protein, providing less than 1/2 gram per serving. Also, there is almost no fat in cucumbers.

One of the best parts of cucumber is they are non-starchy vegetables, which is one of the best categories of food for managing diabetes.

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