Gwar ki Fali | Cluster Beans (250 gm)

Gwar ki Fali | Cluster Beans (250 gm)


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Gwar ki fail are green vegetable. These have peas like appearance but with no pods. Instead, these have bean seeds inside. The colour of the seeds is light grey or black. Gwar fali sabzi is the most common dish with this vegetable. Some folks also make a curry form of Gwar ki fali.

Nutritional Facts:

Being a green vegetable the Gwar ki fali is very good from health aspects. It has good protein content. Cluster beans are very good for patients suffering from diabetes. They have low carbohydrate content. All these qualities make them perfect vegetables for weight loss. The high fibre content of this vegetable aids in reducing constipation. Also, it helps in secretion of digestive juices and better digestive system.  Good calcium content of the cluster beans helps in bone and teeth development. Also, gwar fali provides iron to the body. Iron is essential as it is a vital part of haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is an oxygen-transporting protein.

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