Kamal Kakdi (250 gm)

Kamal Kakdi (250 gm)



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Kamal kakdi is also known as Lotus stem or Baain in some parts of our country. 

It has a faint green appearance on the outside. Generally, the consumption of Kamal kakdi varies in different parts. It forms a part of the salad menu in its raw or fresh form.  While in some regions transforming Kamal kakdi into a sabzi is a preference. Kamal kakdi curry is also a delicious dish. It is very healthy for persons looking to lose weight. It is a very light and water rich-vegetable. 

Nutritional Facts:

Kamal kakdi has almost zero fat content. It is very useful for persons suffering from heart problems or in other words cardio-vascular diseases.  It provides the body with some amount of protein share as well. The Kamal kakdi is high in sodium content. Sodium ions are useful for nerve conduction operations. They have a low amount of carbohydrates.  Kamal kakdi contains high dose of iron which is crucial for anaemic patients. 

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