Leeks (1 Piece – 200 gm appx)

Leeks (1 Piece – 200 gm appx)



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The leeks are a leafy vegetable. They belong to the family of onion and garlic. In appearance, they are often synonymous with spring onions. There are two parts in a leek. One is the stem part and other is the leaf part. The spring onions have a bulb-like arrangement while the leeks do not have a bulb arrangement. Instead, they have a cylindrical arrangement of leaves. The leeks can be consumed in both raw form and cooked form. Leeks find use in salads and soups. Leeks have a slightly sweet taste.

Nutritional Facts:

Leeks have a good dose of antioxidants. Antioxidants are vital for delaying ageing in humans. They slow down the ageing hormones. The antioxidants keep the immune system healthy. They help in preventing withering of skin and hair as well. Also, the leeks contain flavonoids a form of Vitamin A. They have high Vitamin A content. The high Vitamin A content helps the body fight night blindness. Vitamin A is also essential for the proper regulation of the heart and lungs. It also helps in maintaining renal health in addition to prevention of vision disorders.

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