Lemon Grass (100 gm)

Lemon Grass (100 gm)



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Lemongrass is a leafy or a stem vegetable basically. In some parts of the nation, this is used for cooking as well.  Primarily lemongrass finds its use as an insect repellent. The oil extracted from lemongrass finds uses in many applications which include the soap industry, anti-mosquito candles etc. Lemongrass is an important ingredient for lemon tea or green tea

Nutritional Facts:

Scientific studies have indicated the cholesterol-lowering abilities of lemongrass. Some studies also point out towards the bundle of benefits by lemongrass to the circulatory system. They have seen surge in red blood cell count in people consuming the tea with lemongrass. Also, such people had high haemoglobin concentration as well. The lemon grass boosts the immune system. A healthy and strong immune system helps fight many diseases.

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