Lemon Leaf (100 gm)

Lemon Leaf (100 gm)



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Lemon leaves range from small to medium size. They have a bright dark green colour. The identification of lemon leaves is that they are glossy on the outer side while matte on the inner side. On ripening the colour of lemon leaves changes from wine red to dark green. Lemon leaves are used for the preparation of lemon oil. The lemon oil is an important ingredient for many hair formulations. Lemon oil has anti-dandruff properties. Various shampoos, serums and hair oils contain lemon oil. Also, Some people use lemon leaves in green tea preparations. Green tea is very good for enhancing one’s health quotient.

Nutrition Facts:

Lemon leaves are very food for the skin. They have been very helpful in treating various skin ailments. Also, the lemon leaves have been found to reduce the migraine headache. Not only this they have been found to be effective for asthmatic patients. The lemon leaves have wonderful sedative and antispasmodic properties. 

Buy lemon leaves Online Delhi

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