Kachha Aambi Kairi | Mango Raw (250 gm)

Kachha Aambi Kairi | Mango Raw (250 gm)


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Kachha Aam is the raw form of mangoes. It has a green peel on the outside. On peeling one can find while the flesh of mango. Sometimes it is pale yellow flesh too. Kachha aam finds its use in making of tangy pickles. Also, mango chutney comprises of raw mangoes. Aam Panna is a drink common during the summer season in India. Kachha aam is the main constituent of this drink. It has a cooling effect on the body.  In some regions of the country, the kaccha aam sabzi preparation also takes place. 

Nutritional Facts:

Raw mango is very good for health and has several health benefits such as providing Vitamin C  and Vitamin A to the body. The kaccha aam has rich flavonoid resources like carotenes and xanthenes. The carotene is a red pigment while xanthenes are mostly yellow pigments. Both alpha and beta forms of carotenes are present in the raw mango. These are very good for the eyes. They help in the prevention of vision impairments and healthy cell generation.  

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