Matar | Open Peas Frozen (500 gm)

Matar | Open Peas Frozen (500 gm)


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The pods of the peas are matar in Hindi and these are a special favourite of many people especially children. Peas find many uses such as in the making of peas rice, and many Mughlai and Indian cuisine dishes as well. Peas come from different parts of India during different seasons, but open matar or peas are very easy to use. They just need to be put into the refrigerator and consume them whenever you like.

Nutrition Facts:

The peas are a good source of soluble and insoluble fibre content. This dietary fibre content is most likely to enhance digestive mechanisms. Moreover, this fibre also helps in the prevention of constipation. In addition to fibres, the peas are also a good source of proteins. Additionally, the peas are a very good source of various minerals, essential elements and vitamins.

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