Mini Sambar | Onion (1 kg)

Mini Sambar | Onion (1 kg)


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As the name signifies the mini onions have a tiny size. They are of the size of a lemon ball. The mini onions are also known as baby onions. Baby onions dipped in vinegar are a common salad delicacy. People enjoy making them for parties or even in regular use. Mini onions also find their use in South Indian sambars. The mini onions have small leafy bulb arrangement. The peel is normally pink in colour. They have a sharp taste.

Nutritional Facts:

The onions have polyphenols and anthocyanin. These are important antioxidants. The antioxidants prepare the body immune system to fight against Cancer. The raw onions can reduce the risk to cardiovascular diseases by reducing the cholesterol content. They can prevent arteriosclerosis. Among the mineral elements, sulfur and fluoride are two important minerals found in onions. The fluoride has very good dental health properties. Besides these, the onions contain good amount of potassium and calcium. Also, the onions have a good amount of vitamin B9 or folate.

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