Pyaaj | Onion (1 kg)

Pyaaj | Onion (1 kg)


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Onions are an important part of Indian households. They are commonly found in almost every home on a daily routine. The most important role of onions is in the tadka preparation. The onions have an outer crispy dry peel which is not consumed in most of the cases. Upon removal of this peel are bright lilac and white leaves in a bulb-like arrangement. Slicing onions in a variety of ways produces various decorative beautiful forms of onions. People enjoy onions as salads. They form a part of pizza toppings and pastas. Many burgers also have onions as one of the ingredients. Onion chutney is also a common dish.

Nutritional Facts:

The onions have polyphenols and anthocyanin. These are important antioxidants. The antioxidants prepare the body immune system to fight against Cancer. The raw onions can reduce the risk to cardiovascular diseases by reducing the cholesterol content. They can prevent arteriosclerosis. Among the mineral elements, sulfur and fluoride are two important minerals found in onions. The fluoride has very good dental health properties. Besides these, the onions contain a good amount of potassium and calcium. Also, the onions have a good amount of vitamin B9 or folate.

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