Pyaaj White | Onion (1 kg)

Pyaaj White | Onion (1 kg)

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As the name signifies the white onions have a white colour outer peel.  Inside are white leaves in a bulb-like arrangement. Typically the white onion finds its use in snack items such as burgers and sandwiches. They have a sweet and mild taste. An important characteristic of the white onions is their high sugar content. The high sugar content of theses onions gives them a low shelf life. White onions can be used in place of yellow onions interchangeably. But they have a relatively mild flavour in comparison to yellow onions. White onions are good for making pies. Also, they are very suitable in roasted chicken.

Nutritional Facts:

White onion has low fibre content in comparison to other varieties of onion. But this variety being sugar-rich is a great source of energy. The onions contain various forms of Vitamins such as Vitamin B. Generally the onions are sulphur rich compounds. Sulfur is useful for prevention of skin related problems such as acne. Also, sulfur has anti-dandruff properties.

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