Papita | Papaya Raw (500 gm)

Papita | Papaya Raw (500 gm)

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Buy Raw Papaya Online Delhi

Buy Papaya Raw Online in Delhi. The best online fruits and vegetables store in Delhi, Public Canteen is here. Unquestionably, food is one of the vital components of human survival. The team of Public Canteen understands the importance of food.  We at Public Canteen endeavour to serve our clients with premium quality of fruits and vegetables. All our fruits and vegetables come from the best farms.  They are nurtured with care prior to serving our valuable customers.  Hence order for premium Papaya or Raw Papita. 

The raw papaya has an outer green colour peel. Inside the peel, there is white flesh and black colour or grey colour seeds. In some regions of the country papaya sabzi is a common dish.

Nutritional Facts:

Papaya is a good source of fibre, Vitamin C and antioxidants. Raw papaya has more fibre content than ripe papaya. Vitamin C helps in combating arthritis.  Antioxidants such as carotenoids delay ageing processes and boost the immune system.  Raw papaya helps in enhancing milk lactation in females. Low-calorie content of papaya helps in regulating body weight and maintain good body shape. In addition, papaya is a good source of Vitamin A  as well which helps in protecting vision and fight night blindness. Consuming papayas are good for bones as they have anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, papaya helps in regulating digestive mechanisms and menstrual cramps in women as well. It also helps with stress management. The fruit has anti-cancer properties and helps fight breast cancer.

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