Parwal (250 gm)

Parwal (250 gm)


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Order Parwal Online Delhi

Order Parwal Online in Delhi. Public canteen is  one of the best online marketplaces to Buy Online Fruits and Vegetable in Delhi as we deliver the exotic range of premium fruits and vegetables. To take care of your nutritional needs we work hard handpick the farm fresh products for you.  We ensure that you get to choose only from the best quality Fruits and Vegetables in Delhi region. Hence, order parwal from Public Canteen Delhi. 

Parwal is a green vegetable which has an Oval shape. These are small oval vegetables with sharp blunt ends on both sides. There are light green stripes all over their body. In India, Parwal is also known as green potato.  On the inner part these have white flesh with seeds. The parwal is major ingredient in parwal sabzi. Parwal sabzi is available in many forms such as stir fry or boil form.

Nutritional Facts:

Parwal is a source of copper, iron, phosphorous, sodium, potassium and calcium. It has good fiber content. The fiber content helps to keep away poor digestion problems as well as digestive disorders. Parwal are good in preventing constipation. In terms of Vitamins the parwal are rich in Thiamin and Ribolflavin. In addition they also possess ascorbic acid, which is Vitamin C. It helps fight scurvy. 

Buy Parwal Online Delhi

All the orders at Public Canteen are checked and then transported in clean transportation so that the ordered items are fresh. We believe the first step to having a healthy lifestyle starts at getting a healthy food home. So order fresh parwal and eat fresh. 

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