Baby Aalu | Potato (1 kg)

Baby Aalu | Potato (1 kg)


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Baby potatoes are the potatoes that are removed from the soil before they are fully grown. Due to this, you will find that baby potato has a sweeter flavor.

It usually has a pale brown thin outer skin with a creamy off white interior. Variety of dishes ranging from salads, vegetable accompaniments to even main courses baby potatoes make their resemblance.

In India, baby potatoes are used to make a very popular dish called “Dum Aloo”. Potato is a highly nutritious, easily digestible, wholesome food

Nutrition Fact:

Potatoes can help develop your baby’s gastrointestinal health- only if consumed non-fried. Potatoes assist in the growth of friendly bacteria.

The substantial amounts of alkaline sugars in potatoes keep the acid levels down in your baby’s body and thus keep acidity at bay.

Some varieties of potatoes, such as those with red flesh, are consist of anthocyanins, a pigment that has antioxidant properties.

They help in fighting various diseases. Therefore, adding potatoes to a baby’s diet can keep the risks of infections at bay.

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