Aloo | Potato (1 kg)

Aloo | Potato (1 kg)


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Order Potato or Aalu online in Delhi at Public Canteen. Our vision is to participate in initiatives that are useful in providing a  livelihood to small farmers and communities by promoting their farm produce. Support us in this initiative by ordering Potato Aalu from our online store. We believe in providing you with the most hygienic and best quality potatoes.

Potatoes are the heart of any Indian Vegetable or sabzi dish. It is indeed very difficult to imaging any Indian household without potatoes. Potato wafers or Potato chips are a favourite snack of children and young adults. In appearance, the potatoes have very light brown skin. On peeling this thin skin there is cream colour flesh material. Potatoes find numerous uses as snack dishes. These snacks include potato french fries, potato wedges, aloo Tikki, potato cutlets, bread potato rolls etc. Potatoes are also put as stuffing in many dishes such as koftas, bread fritters, and paranthas. Besides potatoes are an important ingredient for many curries. Altogether potatoes have endless uses and the list is long.

Nutritional Facts:

Potatoes are a storehouse of carbohydrates. Generally, they provide energy for all the metabolic activities. Moreover, the potatoes have good folate content or Vitamin B9 content. Also, they have other Vitamin B forms.

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