Pahadi Aalu | Potato (1 kg)

Pahadi Aalu | Potato (1 kg)


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Quick View about Pahari Aalu

Pahari food comprises two regional dishes, namely, Garhwali dish and Kumaoni dish. This is a boast of many exquisite rustic, nourishing, and wholesome recipes.

Here is a simple Pahari aloo recipe which is a simple, flavorful potato fry. This is popular among the Pahari people of Uttarakhand.

Pahari aloo recipe is one of the simplest Indian dishes you can make in less than 10 minutes provided you have some boiled potatoes on hand.

It is a dry saute potato dish wonderfully golden in color with earthy flavors making it a comforting winter dish in India. TO have the best taste cut the potato in thin lengthwise pieces.

These are tempered in mustard oil with aromatic spices like jakhiya, cumin seeds, dried red chilies and cook on low flame till soft, tender, and crusty.

Many home cooks use boiled potatoes to make aloo ka gutka. I served aloo gutka with masala paratha but you can also serve it puri, roti, or chapati. This mostly served in breakfast and functions.

These are mostly plant-based, simple to make, and gravely flavorful. Pahari cuisines are healthy as they comprise mostly of cereals, pulses, and leafy vegetables. Hence they are very healthy. Also, keep your meal flavorful

This dish is famous among the Uttarakhand and Pahari region must try it. Buy now at Public Canteen also win 100 % cashback T&C applied.

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