Pudhina | Mint (2 Bunch)

Pudhina | Mint (2 Bunch)


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Mint leaves are tender herbs with gentle stems. They have a distinct pleasant aroma, pleasing taste. Besides, Mint leaves have high medicinal qualities. Mints are aromatic, almost exclusively perennial herbs.

The divine flavor of pudina leaves renders a distinct taste and aroma to the dishes. You can make chutney, raita, and refreshing drink. Mostly mint give flavor to our food

Mint leaves go by the vernacular name Pudina in all Indian languages. Mint leaves are key ingredient mouth freshener since times immemorial for its amazing healing properties. Hence mint is very helpful herb

Nutritional Facts:

Mint the aromatic herb also known as Mentha, belongs to the plant family Lamiaceae, there are more than 13-24 species of mint that exist due to the hybridization overlapping of many species.

Spearmint and peppermint are the other two common varieties of mint. Mint species is extensively distributed and grows in wet moist land across India, Europe, and other Asian countries.

The perennial herb grows to 1-2 feet tall, spread underground and overground with vertical branches. The leaves are arranged in opposite pairs, oblong with a serrated margin.

Pudina grows all-round the year, near moist places and in extreme climatic conditions. It is a fast-growing herb that needs minimal care and can be easily grown in your kitchen garden.

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