Chichinda | Snake Gourd (500 gm)

Chichinda | Snake Gourd (500 gm)


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Buy Snake Gourd Online Delhi

Buy Snake Gourd Online in Delhi. Public Canteen is an online marketplace in Delhi region.  Online ordering eliminates wastage of time. Order fresh vegetables online and cut-short your cooking time.  Public Canteen has a vast variety of daily and seasonal fruits and vegetables. We provide hassle-free and economical fruits and vegetables. So order Snake Gourd or Chichinda online at Public Canteen. 

Snake gourd is also known as padwal in some parts of India. It is a green vegetable. It has outer green sticky peel. There are white stripes on the peel. Chichinda exists in coiled form and straight forms. Consumption of snake gourd takes place in forms of curry or sabzi. Moreover in some regions its intake is in the form of chutney also. It can be put into soups as well.

Nutrition Facts:

Snake Gourds provide elements such as  iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and manganese to the body.  They also contain Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C.  Vitamins are very essential for boosting the immune system properties and keeping diseases away.  Vitamin B deficiency can cause beri-beri. Beri-beri can result in cardiovascular diseases and even causes cardiac arrest in some cases. Snake gourds are helpful in detoxification of kidneys as well.  These help in managing digestive disorders also. 

Shop Snake Gourd Chichinda Online Delhi

To enhance your health and make your cooking easy , you must  shop for Snake Gourd Chichinda Online in Delhi from Public Canteen. We are happy to deliver a bag full of fruits and vegetables to your doors. Our aim is to bring smile of happiness to our customers face.

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