Soya Chaap (500 gm)

Soya Chaap (500 gm)


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Order Soya Chaap Online in Delhi. Public Canteen online marketplace in Delhi is a result of a strategic partnership between the fresh farmer and the Public Canteen team. We work hard to provide our valuable customers with a wide range of fruits and vegetables. The customers can get delivery of every kind of fruit and vegetables right at their doorstep. Besides this, we also keep our prices very low in comparison with the market to ensure customer’s value for money.

Soya is a very very rich protein source available on our planet’ Earth’ Soya cheap finds its count in ‘vegetarians’ paradise’. Chaap is analogous to non-vegetarians chicken Preparation of soya cheap has many forms. Vegetarians love it when soya cheap undergoes a roasting process over charcoal and a barbeque form. Marinating the soya cheap imparts a lot of flavours and forms such as ‘ Afghani chaap’; ‘Achaari chaap, ‘ Hariyali Chaap’ , ‘ Malai Chaap’,. Afghani chaap has cream and butter imagination. Achaari chaap undergoes marination with typical Indian pickles and vinegar flavours.  The hariyali chaap has a marination coating of green mint and coriander chutney while the Malai chaap has a dense creamy malai covering with salt and black pepper.

Nutrition Facts:

Soya chaap has a lot of protein content. The proteins are very useful for weight regulations. Proteins are important for the building of human cells and help in cell generation. Besides this, the proteins are very good for hair. Proteins help in strengthening the hair as well as skin rejuvenation also.

Order Soya Chaap Online Delhi

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