Pyaaj Hara Patta | Spring Onion (250 gm)

Pyaaj Hara Patta | Spring Onion (250 gm)


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The spring onion has a bulb at the bottom, a medium length stack and green leaves on top.  All the parts of spring onion are edibles. Spring onions form a part of a variety of cuisines such as Chinese, Italian, and Indian. They can be readily put into manchurian gravies, noodles and cheese chilly.  They are also put in soups for extra flavour. Also, they can form good salads as well.

Nutritional Facts:

The spring onions have a very high Vitamin K content. Vitamin K is very useful for the synthesis of certain blood clotting proteins in our body. Vitamin K is also essential for bone development. In addition to Vitamin K the spring onions also provide other Vitamin such as Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B5 to the body. They are a good source of calcium and phosphorous for the body.

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