Moong | Sprout (200 gm pack)

Moong | Sprout (200 gm pack)

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Order Sprout Moong online Delhi

Order Sprout Moong online in Delhi. Including healthy eating habits into one’s lifestyle lays the foundation for good health and longer living. Public Canteen Delhi is an initiative to help you work out with health goals. It is an online marketplace which delivers a wide range of healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables to your households. The Public Canteen fulfils its promise of fast delivery.  So,  order sprout moong lentils from Public Canteen Delhi.

Sprouts can be a healthy substitute for deep-fry snacks. They help keep instant hunger away. Sprouting increases the nutritional content of the diet. Various forms of sprout diets are available. These include Moong dal sprout, chana sprouts and mix sprouts. The sprouts preparation can contain the following ingredients: fresh-cut raw paneer, any sprout lentil, Groundnut, lemon juice, soybeans, and salt to taste.

Nutritional Facts:

The phytic acid present in the sprouts preserves the mineral content of the legumes. Additionally, glucoraphanin present in the sprout diets can help the body in keeping away the cancer tumours. Sprouts help in reducing constipation. Moreover, they help in maintaining healthy gut bacteria. This improves the digestion process. The presence of copper and iron in the sprouts help in enhancing blood circulation. Vitamin A helps to improve the vision and sprouts have ample Vitamin A content.  The high fibre content of the sprouts is an immunity booster.

Buy Sprout Moong Lentils online Delhi

We at Public Canteen are happy in delivering moong dal lentils to your doors.  Your health is our priority. Therefore, We deliver only the best quality of fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices. We also deliver your product at your doorstep in Delhi.

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