Tori Desi Dharidar (500 gm)

Tori Desi Dharidar (500 gm)


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Tori is known by other names as well such as ridge gourd, Turai or Turiya.  This belongs to the cucumber family. It has a dark green outer peel with green stripes.  On the inside it has white flesh with white seeds. It is one of a summer season vegetable. It is very healthy green vegetable. The vegetable is served in the form of a sabzi. Also,  it is part of salad in some households. 

Nutrition Facts:

The ayurveda enlists several benefits of the ridge gourd. It has antimicrobial properties. Also, the tori has anti-allergy properties.  They contain high water content and therefore has good hydrating properties. The ridge gourd is very good for weight loss regulation. They remove constipation effects. Also, they help in building good digestive mechanisms.

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