Zucchini Yellow (250 gm)

Zucchini Yellow (250 gm)



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Zucchini Yellow also belongs to the family of cucumbers. It is also known as yellow squash. The yellow zucchini has an outer appearance of yellow colour. It has a shape similar to that of bottle gourd. But very thin in comparison to bottle gourd. Inside the zucchini, you will find a cucumber-like appearance. There is white flesh material.

Zucchini finds use in salads and dips. Also, it is used as a topping in the pizzas and as a vegetable in the pasta. Zucchini has a kind of sweet taste.

Nutrition Facts:

Zucchini Yellow has a very low calorie content. The essential elements present in zucchini include manganese, potassium, copper and phosphorous. Calcium and magnesium are an important class of minerals. These enhance the skeletal system of the body. The zucchini also contains some important vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Zucchini also has carbohydrate content due to presence of sugars.

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