Amul Cheese Slice 200gm

Amul Cheese Slice 200gm

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Shop Amul Cheese online in Delhi. Eat healthily, stay healthy is the mantra of Public Canteen.  We always ensure that we deliver excellent quality products. Continuous improvement is the unique strength of our company and we tirelessly work to improve ourselves.  Meticulous testing is our prime strength and characteristic. Apart from this, the prime highlight of our online store is to achieve overall excellence on every parameter. Indeed, we work to serve the best value of customer money. Hence, shop for Amul Cheese from Public Canteen Delhi.

Cheese has a mouth-watering flavour. Thinking of cheese reminds one of cheesy pizza or pasta. Amul Cheese is readily available at Public Canteen Delhi. Cheese has numerous benefits. It can be eaten in its raw form. Amul cheese can make a burger cheesy. It enhances the flavours and also makes snacks nutritious. Melting this type of cheese gives a nice texture. Adding cheese to soups gives them a perfect flavour. Also adding cheese to sauces provides a cheesy flavour to them.

Nutritional Facts:

The product contains fats. Saturated fat content is also present. Amul cheese also contains cholesterol.  Also, this cheese contains 20 gm of protein as well. Some mineral elements such as calcium and sodium are present. Additionally, Amul cheese is a significant source of Vitamin A.

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