Amul Cheese Spread Garlic 200gm

Amul Cheese Spread Garlic 200gm

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Amul Cheese Spread Garlic

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Amul is a famous brand in India and Amul is known for its standardized products. Amul Cheese Spread Spicy Garlic is flavourful and comfortable with a hint of spicy garlic. It is easy to use and this fit form of spread which contains only 20% fat is an enormous source of Calcium and Milk Protein. Keep it in 4-degree temperature or below for further usage. It is delicious and a cost effectual product. Amul Cheese Spread Spicy Garlic can remain fresh until 9 months from the date of packing. For more information visit the Amul website

Quick Recipe:

Instant Garlic Cheese Toast is a very simple and easy toast / open sandwich recipe that you can make for a quick breakfast or as an evening snack.

In a pan or a kadai add 40 grams of butter ( Most of the butter keep some to roast the bread) and the crushed garlic

And cook for 1 minute and then remove the garlic butter in a bowl.

Now take a pan and add a little butter and spread.

Then place the bread on the tawa and roast one side of the bread till it looks a little golden in colour.

Then remove the bread on a plate and apply the garlic butter on the toasted side followed by the sliced green chillies,
and grated cheese, cilantro leaves and the chilli flakes all in this order.

Now place the bread again on the tawa / pan, put on a lid and roast till the bottom sides looks golden brown and the cheese has melted.

Once done remove in a serving plate and serve while hot.

To know more Instant Garlic Cheese Toast 

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