Amul Toned Milk 500ML

Amul Toned Milk 500ML

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Order Amul Toned Milk online Delhi.

Eat healthily, stay healthy is the mantra of Public Canteen.  We always ensure that we deliver excellent quality products. Continuous improvement is the unique strength of our company and we tirelessly work to improve ourselves.  Meticulous testing is our prime strength and characteristic. Apart from this, the prime highlight of our online store is to achieve overall excellence on every parameter. Indeed, we work to serve the best value of customer money. Hence, order for Amul toned milk from Public Canteen Delhi.

Amul Toned Milk is a very good quality delicious milk. It is a low-fat and low-calorie content milk. Also, milk is full of proteins. This milk has low carbohydrate values thereby making it perfect for people looking for weight loss. The milk is completely pasteurized and hence, it is very healthy.  Amul toned milk is free from chemical preservatives. The shelf life of the milk is about 2 days. One must store it in a clean dry and hygienic place. Upon opening the milk must be put into the refrigerator. This milk is readily available at our store. Amul milk is very useful for making smoothies, custards and direct drinking. Also, this milk can be used for making cakes and other desserts.

Nutritional Facts:

The Amul milk is full of Vitamin A and D.

Order Amul Toned Milk online at Public Canteen

To make your cooking easy and keep up your health content, you can easily Amul Toned Milk online in Delhi from the Public Canteen. We deliver only the best quality products to all our customers ensuring their health.