Angoor | Grapes (500 gm)

Angoor | Grapes (500 gm)


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Buy Angoor Grapes Online Delhi

Buy Angoor Grapes Online in Delhi. Public Canteen online marketplace in Delhi is a result of a strategic partnership between the fresh farmer and the Public Canteen team. We work hard to provide our valuable customers with a wide range of fruits and vegetables. The customers can get delivery of every kind of fruit and vegetables right at their doorstep. Besides this, we also keep our prices very low in comparison with the market to ensure customer’s value for money. So, order for fresh Angoor or Grapes from your homes.

There are many varieties of grapes available such as long grain grapes, round green grapes, black grapes and red grapes. This variety has round and green grains.

Nutritional Facts:

Here are some of the potential benefits of grain grapes. Grapes are high in water content and good for hydration. High water-content fruits and vegetables are nutrient-dense, meaning they provide a large number of essential nutrients while containing few calories. Grapes contain 70 millilitres of fluid per cup. Grapes are rich in essential nutrients, especially Vitamins C and K. They possess high antioxidant contents. High antioxidant levels are useful in preventing chronic disorders and cancer. The skin and seeds of grapes account for the highest concentration of antioxidants. This is the reason for extensive research on grapes using seed or skin extracts. Grapes decrease high blood sugar levels and hence are very efficient in the control of diabetes.

Buy Angoor or Grapes Online Delhi

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