Apple Fuji (1 Kg)

Apple Fuji (1 Kg)


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Fuji apples are medium-sized apple and are usually red in colour.  Also, they have some greenish or yellow-green patches.  They have vertical stripes all over. Fuji apples are resistant to bruising. These apples have a sweet and juicy taste.  Generally, Fuji apples have a thin outer peel. They have a unique and honey-sweet flavour.

Many Doctors advise that apples must be a part of daily breakfast for health benefits. Apples are an active part of fruit salads and desserts such as custard and puddings.

Nutritional Facts:

Apples are a very rich source of Fiber. In addition to fibre, the apples possess various phytochemicals such as quercetin, catechin, chlorogenic acid and anthocyanin.

These phytochemicals delay aging effects.

The Fuji apples are helpful in controlling major ailments such as Type 2 diabetes and keeps away various cardiovascular diseases.

They help in weight management.’ An apple a day keeps the doctor far away’. Also, these apples help in keeping many types of Cancers at bay.

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