Apple Kinnaur Regular (500 gm)

Apple Kinnaur Regular (500 gm)


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Buy Apple Kinnaur Regular in Delhi. Food is one of the vital components of human survival. We understand the importance of food.  We at Public Canteen endeavour to serve our clients with premium quality of fruits and vegetables. All our fruits and vegetables come from the best farms.  The apples are delicious fruit. Also, they are a storehouse of numerous health benefits. Hence, order Apple Kinnaur Premium at attractive prices.

Apples are one of the most healthy fruits all over the world. Most cold regions of the globe grow apples. The climate has a very strong effect on the quality and flavour of apples. Not only this the temperature affects the texture of the apples also.  In India, Kashmir and Kinnaur apples are the most premium ones. These apples have large sizes. They are deep red or deep maroon in colour. It has some bright white small spots on its outer peel as well.  On cutting the Kinnaur apple, one will find bright white or ivory hard flesh. This apple has a juicy flavour. This apple fins use in wines and jams as well.

Nutritional Facts:

Apples contain soluble and insoluble fibre. The fibre helps in smooth bowel movements and decreasing constipation effects. Apple has very less saturated fat content. It has almost zero cholesterol. Apples are rich source fo the following vitamins:  Thiamine  Riboflavin  Niacin  Pantothenic acid  Vitamin Folate Vitamin C  Vitamin E  and Vitamin K. In addition, these apples also contain calcium, iron and zinc.

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