Avocado (1 Piece)

Avocado (1 Piece)


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Avocado is oval-shape fruit with thick green and a bumpy, leathery outer skin. It has gained attention in health circles due to its high level of good fat content and extremely low level of cholesterol.

Avocados are eaten raw, as a dessert whip, or in the form of salads with little pepper and salt. The most popular use of avocados is in the form of guacamole. A traditional Mexican and Central American dip that is also good as a topping on hamburgers and sandwiches.

Avocado is also famous for quintessentially tumble leathery fairly thick skin that turns near black when fully mature. It ripens evenly, it peels easily, its pit is easy to remove and it has a rich, nutty flavor with a creamy texture.

Avocado is the most nutritive among fruits. The most important contribution of the New World to a human diet. The fruit is relished by some people, but not by others. The pulp is rich in proteins (up to 4%) and fat (up to 30%), but low in carbohydrates.

Avocados improve digestion and are good for heart health and vision. They are rich in vitamins like C, E, K, B6, Magnesium, potassium, and healthy fat.

It prevents osteoporosis, cancer, and reduces the risk of depression. They are also good for pregnant women as they are rich in folate that prevents neural tube defects in infants.

Add a unique taste and flavor to your soups and stews with creamy and delicious avocados. Avocados are available in many varieties, but the most popular of all is the creamy Hass variety.

1 Piece weighs around 250 to 350 Grams

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