Khajoor | Dates (500 gm)

Khajoor | Dates (500 gm)

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Buy Khajoor Online in Delhi. Public Canteen is bringing the fresh and sweetest dates to your doors in Delhi. Public Canteen is an online venture which provides fresh fruits and vegetables to yo at rock-bottom prices and hence is a superb place to buy dates or khajoor online in Delhi. We provide consumers with fresh good quality fruits in hygienic conditions. 

The khajoors have several varieties such as iraqi dates (Zahedi dates), Iranian mozafati dates, Iranian bum dates, Algerian dates, Tunisian dates, emirates dates and Saudi Arabian dates. Dates are a fruit that has a brown or red edible part which is gluey texture. They are very sweet in taste. They have an oval long seed inside the pulp. 

Nutritional Facts:

Dates are rich a rich source of vitamins such as  A1, B1, B2, B3 and B5. Due to the presence of vitamin A dates help in improving eyesight.  They also prevent night blindness. Also, the dates contain essential elements such as calcium, sulphur,  manganese, iron and magnesium. Very few fruits have sulphur and dates are one of them. Besides dates also contain other elements such as copper, phosphorous and potassium. Phosphorous is very good for bone development. The fibre content in dates helps in good digestion. The calcium helps in the development of teeth. 

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To keep up your health quotient we regularly update ourselves with nutritional fruits and vegetables. Public Canteen is happy to serve its customers with the delivery of khajoor or dates.