Cherry (1 Pack 800gm appx)

Cherry (1 Pack 800gm appx)

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Approx 800gm


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Cherry as a fruit finds admiration of several people. They are full of antioxidants. Cherries are native to Eastern Europe and Asia Minor regions. Cherries have a beautiful appearance. Upon ripening they have a bright red to maroon colour. Black cherries are also in the market. They have a delicious flavour and a seed inside them which is mostly not edible.

Cherries are a hot favourite of bakers and are ingredients in cakes, custards and pies. Additionally,  they are also put for preparation of smoothies and salads.

Nutrition Facts:

Cherries possess very low-calorie content.  however, are a rich source of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Some studies suggest the presence of anthocyanins in the cherries. These impart anti-inflammatory properties to the cherries. In addition, cherries have the ability to combat diseases such as gout and arthritis. Also, cherries have sufficient copper, potassium and manganese content. They have antioxidants which help in delaying the age-related problems and also help in skin beautification.

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