Guava Premium | Amrood (1 kg)

Guava Premium | Amrood (1 kg)


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Buy Guava Premium online in Delhi. Public Canteen provides you with the fresh fruits and vegetable produce at the best prices and at your doorstep.  filled with healthy nutrients and minerals Besides its unique taste and rich aroma, guava counts as one of the superfruits.

Guava is oval in shape and green on the outer side. In an another variety, it is yellow in colour on the outside. In some varieties, the inner pulp is white with yellow seeds. Also, pink pulp guava is common.

Guavas have a very fresh taste. One can use guava to make a variety of smoothies. It is a major component of fruit drinks such as fruit punch and mix fruit juices. Guava juice is also a good delicacy.

Fresh salads also contain guava as an ingredient.

Nutritional Facts:

Guava has fulfilling antioxidant features. It has been found to be very effective in controlling several ailments such as diabetes and scurvy with the help of vitamin C.

This fruit is also known as amrud and is very useful in controlling stomach related disorders such as Diarrhea and Dysentery. In addition, it cures constipation and improves the digestive system. It improves the neural system of brain health.

Guava boosts the immune system and improves the production of white blood cells.

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