Kinnow Premium (1 kg)

Kinnow Premium (1 kg)




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The kinnow is indeed a high yield mandarin hybrid cultivated extensively in the wider Punjab region of Pakistan and India. The fruit is filled with a smooth orange rind and the flesh is orange and seedy. It has a mouth-watering distinctive flavour.

Nutritional Facts:

Kinnow is an important fruit, especially in the winter season.  Important minerals and vitamins are requirements for the human body. These are all present in kinnow.  It mainly contains vitamin A and C. Vitamin A helps in combating night blindness whereas, vitamin C aids in fighting scurvy. Eating kinnow can help to strengthen immunity, reduce signs of ageing by inducing antioxidants. Kinnow helps in increasing metabolism and detoxification. It is a good source for improving blood circulation. It helps in lowering cholesterol levels. Undoubtedly, Fresh kinnow is good for the eyes and improves the digestive system. It also contains calcium potassium sodium and iron. In fact, these minerals are important components for overall body growth.

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