Litchi | Lychee (500 gm)

Litchi | Lychee (500 gm)

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The lychee is a beautiful fruit and has a  distinctly unique flavour. The Lychee is  a small size fruit of size of small lemons. It has a broad to tapering body at one end. The skin of lychee fruit is rough and spiky. When unripe, the fruit has an outer green peel which eventually turns yellow and beautiful pink on ripening. Inside the peel is an edible fresh juicy grey colour pulp. The pulp is very juicy. The pulp extraction takes place and upon processing the pulp transformation to juice takes place. The lychee juices are available all around the year while the real lychee fruit comes during the rainy season in India. The fruit exists during the mid June to August in the country. 

Nutritional Facts:

Lychees have good water content. They have a very good effect on the skin. They help in retention of skin moisture. Also, lychees help in replenishing the body water content. Lychees are mostly sweet and hence, have a rich carbohydrate dose. 

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