Mango Safeda Aam 5 Kg Box

Mango Safeda Aam 5 Kg Box

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Order Mango Safeda online in Delhi. Fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables are the basic foundation of good health and a great future. With the changing lifestyles and hectic jobs, it is becoming difficult to gain easy access to fresh products. Public Canteen Delhi is now here to provide your share of fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables to your houses. For an enriching experience of fast delivery, clean and fresh vegetables plus the affordable prices, Order from Public Canteen Delhi. 

Mangoes are given the title of ‘ King of Fruits’. Mangoes are a favourite fruit of almost one in every three people. Safeda is another variety of Mangoes. This variety comes to the markets in the early summer season. Mostly you will find it from mid-April to June. Safeda has a bright yellow peel. Inside when fully ripe the safeda has a bright yellow pulp.

This variety of mangoes is perfect for making shakes and smoothies. Also, it is put in the custards and fruit-cream as well. 

Nutritional Facts:

Mangoes have a good share of potassium and magnesium. These elements are useful for managing stress. Also, the potassium helps in maintaining the sodium-potassium pump in the human body. It helps in faster transmission of nerve signals. Additionally, they also contain calcium, iron and phosphorous. 

Mangoes have a lot of carotenes and xanthenes. These are helpful antioxidant flavinoids. 

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We at Public Canteen  leave no stone unturned to serve you better.  Public Canteen Delhi has a full customer-friendly approach to deliver the best available fruits and vegetables. We bring to you premium quality mango safeda at reasonable prices. So hurry up and order. 

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