Mosambi | Sweet Lime (1 kg)

Mosambi | Sweet Lime (1 kg)

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Fresh and ripe mosambi is a citrus fruit. The outer peel is light green in colour. The inner pulp is light yellow or light orange in colour. The fruit has sweet-sour taste. Mosambi is very juicy. The mosambi juice is a very healthy juice. This juice has certain medicinal effects too. The juice portions are put in cocktail and mocktail drinks as well.

Nutrition Facts:

The fruit has high potassium and calcium levels. Calcium aids in bone and teeth development. Whereas potassium aids in the smooth functioning of the sodium-potassium pump. Additionally, iron and phosphorous are also present. Besides this, the mosambi has more than eighty per cent of water content. Such good water content is helpful human body in many ways. Firstly this helps in refreshing mind and body. Secondly, it rejuvenates the skin. Thirdly, it helps in detoxification.

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