Desi Kharbooja | Muskmelon (1 Piece Appx 900gm-1kg)

Desi Kharbooja | Muskmelon (1 Piece Appx 900gm-1kg)

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Buy Muskmelon Desi Online in Delhi. Public Canteeen Delhi has an array of frshest fruits and vegetables at one place. We bring you the farm-fresh Muskmelon or Desi Kharbooja. We believe in customer satisfaction. Our goals are high and we strive to provide you with clean, fresh and healthy vegetables at very competitive prices over the market. Believe it you will order again and again. Just order muskmelon and enjoy the summers. 

Musk melon comes to India in late April. The season for this fruits extends from April to June. It is a delicate fruit. The seeds of the musk melon are a common ingredient of many Indian curries. These seeds are known as magaj. 

Musk melon in a smooth round fruit. It has a cream colour outer rind. The outer rind is hard. Generally, it is not edible. The inside is an orange colour rich juicy sweet pulp material. Almost every person falls in love with this super delicious fruit. 

Cutting the musk melon and transforming it into different art decorative forms is a common practice in the hotel industry. 

Nutritional Facts:

The musk melon has high water content. It helps in hydrating the body. The fruit has a very aromatic fragrance and it has a very refreshing taste as well. Again, it is a low-calorie fruit. It has Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Besides, it has some proteins and carbohydrates as well. 

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