Babugosha | Pear Imported (500 gm)

Babugosha | Pear Imported (500 gm)

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The imported pear is a premium fruit available at Public Canteen Delhi. This fruit is larger than the normal pear counterparts available in our country. It has a thin yellow or green skin. Specifically, the fruit has a shade similar to the green apples. There are light brown spots on the peel. Moreover, the flesh of the fruit is white. There is a nutty or grainy rough flavour in the fruit. It is slightly sweet and juicy.  There are droplet shape seeds in the fruit.

The pears are used for making different types of fruit salads. They are an important ingredient in the fruit chaat. They impart a characteristic flavour to pastas as well.

Nutritional Facts:

The pears have ample fibre. The dietary fibre is necessary for good bowel movements. The healthy bowel movements aid in maintaining good digestion and thus help in keeping away constipation.  Pears also have Vitamin C which is an immunity booster.

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