Ananas | Pineapple (1 Piece)

Ananas | Pineapple (1 Piece)


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Pineapple has many varieties such as Pineapple Rani, Pineapple Hawaii etc.  Pina colada is a famous Pineapple drink at almost every hotel or restaurant. Pineapple fruit finds its use in salads, salad dressings. Also, it is used in the pizza toppings and as an ingredient for pastas. Besides, pineapple is also an ingredient for making juicy burgers. Pineapple juice a worth enjoying delicacy. The pineapples have a distinct sweet-sour flavour.

Nutritional Facts:

Pineapples are also water-rich fruits. Typically the water-rich fruits have a very refreshing impact on both human mind and body. These also produce glowing skin and help in natural beautification. The fibre rich pineapple results in the reduction or prevention of constipation. Absence of constipation results in enhancing the metabolic activities and more digestive abilities. A remarkable amount of manganese is present in the pineapples. Particularly manganese helps in controlling cholesterol content. High cholesterol levels in the body are bad for the heart and can cause various fatal diseases.

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